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Kim Kardashian West Claims SKIMS Will Be Her ‘Billion Dollar’ Brand

Kim Kardashian West is gearing up to become the next billionaire in her family and all the credit goes to her SKIMS Solution wear brand which is succeeding.

Kim Kardashian is 39 years in age and is very beautiful. If she succeeds in her brand, this scheme will put her next to Kylie Jenner, baby sister to Kim and is 22 years in age. Kylie, earlier this year was named as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire because of her Kylie Cosmetics venture by Forbes.

TMZ has direct knowledge of Kim’s business and they quoted sources reporting that Kim’s massive restock release on Wednesday was actually more successful than the initial launch. It netted millions in just a few minutes.

It is said that over a million people around the globe were on the waitlist for the restock and then when it happened, almost instantly all the most popular sizes and styles sold out.

Reports are out that Kim will soon extend her shapewear brand which will include a broader range of products, containing items even for men. Kim, who is a mother of four children could soon boast a business portfolio which will exactly be same as her sister’s.

Kylie shocked everyone on Monday when she sold a majority stake in her cosmetics company for an incredible dollar 600 million and made the front-page headlines worldwide setting the social media ablaze.

Kylie’s elder sisters Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian recently launched a new KKW fragrance.

Four years ago when before Kylie launched her dollar 29 lip kits, Kim was by far the most successful reality star in history who made millions with endorsement deals.

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Albeit, Kim’s own accomplishments remain very impressive by any standard as she estimated dollar 370 million personal net worth is now dwarfed by that of her baby sister who just a few years ago said that Kim was her biggest inspiration.

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