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E-Babies! By 2037 Most Of Newborn Babies Will Be ‘E-Babies’ Due To Increase In Online Dating! Reports

E-Babies is a completely new kind of concept and has only emerged in this era when the couple who earlier used to spontaneously meet each other at some romantic place and fell in love with each other, are now using various websites to chit chat with their love interest on those websites only.

This is the thing which will ultimately lead to the rise of “E-Babies”.

Technically speaking, these babies are the newborns of the parents who met each other through dating websites.E-Babies are all set to become the majority of newborns in the coming years.

Even, the year ‘2037’ has been selected as the year wherein more babies in the UK will be born with their parents who have met and conversed through dating websites that meeting somewhere openly.

Source: Parade

In a new search conducted by dating platform ‘eharmony’ and the Imperial College Business School, they also identified the year 2035 as the year when most of the people will start meeting through these dating websites.

Several predictions were made on the eharmony data which were a part of the Future of Dating Report and various current birth projections were also made from the office of National Statistics.

The data collected, shows and highlights the shifting habits of those looking to meet a partner of their type, thee data showed, around a third (32%) of relationships started between 2015 and 2019 started online, compared to only 19% between 2005 and 2014.

It says that by 2030, the UK will reach the ‘tipping point’ where most of the relationships will begin online.

The data also shows that online dating has given people more confidence, with 47% of those saying that they felt that online dating has made it easier for introverted people to communicate with their love interest.

A marketing head from eharmony said that online dating has opened doors for singles and in the future, it will help many singles get to find and meet their love interests.

He said, “At eharmony we are continuously modernizing our site functionality and unique Compatibility Matching System to assure we persist on the front foot when it comes to building online relationships through our website.”

Dr. Paolo Taticchi, a teaching fellow at Imperial College Business School, said, “The digital world has streamlined the online dating process and has made it easier to find someone while ensuring that they are of our interest.”


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