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A Boy With ‘Dwon-Sydrome’ Assualted By Indiana’s High School Football Players

Four Indiana high school football athletes are under investigation for allegedly attacking and bullying their 15-year-old team manager, who has Down syndrome, before the squad’s return game Sept. 27.

The athletes from Roncalli High School in Indianapolis are implicated in forcing the boy to lick another student’s chest area in the locker room, an alleged assault the mom says wasn’t the first episode.

On Sept 9. Woodruff says her son discussed at dinner that “something disturbing” occurred during football practice.

He told her a football athlete had snuck up behind her son and recorded a video of him using the toilet — with the intention of posting the video to Snapchat.

An inquiry by the Dean of Students, Tim Crissman, found the video was never posted to Snapchat, however, the boy who took the video showed it to Crissman and they erased it together, according to IndyStar. The boy reportedly experienced a punishment of after-school detention.

A month next, Woodruff says she got an anonymous letter in the mail regarding another case of abuse including her child.

Woodruff says her boy had dreamed of attending Roncalli High School for years, computing he admired the team, which has won nine state championships.

She said that Roncalli was taken as a school so her child wouldn’t have to be divided into separate classes for his disability — computing that until the incident, everything was ideal.

The second episode, during which there were purportedly 11 people present, caused Woodruff to file a police report.

The investigation is ongoing.

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