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Actor Kevin Hart Gets Offended By Jumanji Cast Members At Thanksgiving Dinner

For “Jumanji” The Next Level Thanksgiving meal 2019, cardboard cutouts were invited and attended to in the party. They were of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black and Karen Gill. Even Nick Jonas’ cardboard was brought.

But the surprising news was that there were no cutouts of Kevin Hart!

It was clear to the fans that Hart was piqued from the proceedings by Dwayne Johnson at Wednesday night when he posted the video on Twitter.

Hart has suffered a back injury this summer because of a perilous auto accident. He made matters worse while announcing that Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday of the year.

Johnson later explained over the snub he committed that his text to @kevinhart4real got stuck in the outbox but at the very least he did got him his favorite high chair.

The clip was quite dysfunctional as the three people (Johnson, Gill, and Black) are shown celebrating with very high spirits as Kevin Hart walks in.


Hart who just entered throws a fit, coughs on the food, touches the turkey, spills wine and after doing such a scene, makes a dramatic exit. But it was humorous when he returned a few seconds later because he can not get a car right at that moment.

But obviously, his work friends from the movie let him stay. Hart said that this all that Thanksgiving is about. It is about dysfunction and drama according to him.

Hart was still bitter over nearly missing his favorite food which guess what, sprouts! He even posted a video of this mess on his Instagram handle.

All in all, there was no matter of tension between the movie stars or I must say there was no matter of “real” tension between them. They enjoyed the holiday together, and I guess that is what Thanksgiving is, to be together with the people you love.

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