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Avengers: Endgame Writers Revealed About Marvel’s Decision To Not Make Iron Man 4

Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus wrote the highly anticipated movie, Avengers: Endgame. Recently, they have come out with information that denies the decision of Marvel Studios to make an Iron Man 4 movie.

The third installment of the Iron Man movie made about dollar 1.3 billion at the global box office and sits as the highest-grossing standalone Marvel Cinematic Universe film apart from Black Panther. these high achievements of the Iron Man installments make the fans surprised as Marvel did not return to the series.

Sad news for the fans as there will be no IRON MAN 4! 

At Variety Fair that happened pretty recently, writer McFeely had an interview in which he told that whether fans like all of the 24 movies or not, the capital that Marvel built up allowed them to do things like make a movie starring a raccoon and a tree. Being defensive of Marvel Studios, he continued that if it were any other production company, you would have already had an Iron Man 4 by now.

McFeely then said the writers put an end to the query by finally saying no and they are taking chances on all these other things. He said it was quite brave to put a flag in the ground and say that we are going some things and take characters off the table. The writer thinks that it was kind of daring but if thought selfishly, it was really great for them.

Endgame writers say no to Iron Man 4 because this is the beauty of MARVEL!

Then it was Markus’ turn and he said that it needs an end or everything loses its meaning. He then went on to describe what an end means to him and said that it is what cements the whole thing, actually sews it together and brings it to a crescendo and yes it takes people off the board and finishes their arcs.

Writer Christopher Markus says ends are more prominent and worthy!

Well, the death of Tony Stark also known as Iron Man was highly devastating for the fans. This confirmation also destroyed the hope of maybe getting his character back in the later movies. But fans obviously have too much devotion in the Marvel Studios that whatever they are going to release next, is going to be superb.

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