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Jennifer Aniston Faced Major Breakdown Over Brad Pitt And Alia Shawkat Dating Rumors

Brad Pitt has been spotted several times with women much younger than him and now people are wondering if he is dating someone new again and if yes he is, then who is that woman.

Brad Pitt has enacted in Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood and now he has been stepping out with actress Alia Shawkat quite several times in the past few months.

Brad Pitt is spot hanging out with Alia Shawkat!

After years performing in Arrested Development and several seasons of Search Party, Shawkat is seen stretching on her artistic wings and is trying her chance at writing and producing and also at acting.

Brad Pitt has a resume that is very long as a producer so it is absolutely possible that he is mentoring the young actress or maybe the two of them are working together on a collaboration of some sort.

Source: dailytimes.com.pk

Brad seems to be counselling Alia about her career!

Brad also has a brief history of dating younger women so the people are having a question that whether this Oscar Nominee who is 55 years in age is having romantic intentions with Shawkat who is 30 years in age. Alia is literally 25 years younger than Brad.

It is not wrong to say that pretty much everyone knows who Brad Pitt is and he is probably equally famous for his unstatic relationship with and contentious divorce from actress Angelina Jolie. The two of them has a total of 6 children together and they got together in the year 2004 when at that time it was famous that Pitt is having an affair with Jolie though he was already married to actress Jennifer Aniston.

Pitt and Jolie remained happily together for about 12 years. They married in the year 2014 then started the divorce proceedings in the year 2016.

Brad Pitt has yet not divorced, the couple is granted with bifurcation!

There has been a lot going on between them about the custody of their kids and the court has not yet finalized their divorce and the couple was recently granted what is known as bifurcation that means they are legally single even if nit legally divorced.

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