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Matt Reeves’s Batman Will Feature Many Villains, Here’s Every Detail Of It

The Batman is one of the few movies which is dipped in very much mysteries and plot twists. This movie is written and directed by Matt Reeves. The fans still have one question in mind about what villains will The Dark Knight be facing?

As it turns out to the fans’ astonishment, there will be multiple villains. This information was revealed by Matt Reeves as a part of the Creative Space interview with The Hollywood Reporter’s West Viast Television editor named Lesley Goldberg.

Multiple Villains On The Go!
Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho!

This outlet of THR was told by Reeves that you can not have Batman without actually having a proper villain. He also told that there is going to be a rogues gallery of them.

Ever seen many villains in a movie? Here is what Matt Reeves has to say.

But then who will be in the cast? This was answered by Matt and he said that the process they undergo in order to employ cast members will begin real soon and while the Warner Bros. or the DC studios has yet not announced a confirmed release date for the film, Matt could foresee it launching in late spring or maybe even in summer of the year 2021.

Matt Reeves talks about putting many villains in the movie!

Then Reeves was silent when the time for answering whether the villains that will be cast in the upcoming movie will be new to the big screen or the old ones the audience has already seen before, came.

But when he was pressed further a bit more, he did let out a reaction to Josh Gad’s Twitter teases which he thinks are not so subtle as they seem to be. They were interpreted by the fans as the actor lobbying to play the classic villain, The Penguin.

Reeves said that he absolutely loves Josh Gad and noted that his son is in the same grade as Gad’s daughter. He added that they are good friends.

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