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2 Truck Drivers Taken Into Custody After A Doctor Brutally Molested And Killed

A 22-year-old doctor, whose dead body was discovered on Thursday near Shadnagar town, was assumed to have been molested and killed by 4 persons who offered to aid her to repair her punctured 2-wheeler.

The woman is assumed to have been murdered near Tondupally toll plaza in Shamshabad on the outskirts of Hyderabad and her body was dumped 25 km away at Chatanpally bridge near Shadnagar town. Police are yet to determine if she was strangulated to death.

Cyberabad police have got 2 truck drivers and 2 cleaners into custody and recovered the victim’s clothes, footwear and a liquor bottle near the toll plaza, where the doctor had parked her 2-wheeler. The accused, classified as Mohd Pasha, Naveen, Keshavulu, and Shiva, were arrested after scanning the CCTV footage from surveillance cameras installed near the toll plaza.

The owner of a tire repair shop nearby informed the police that the youth had brought a scooty between 9:30 pm and 10 pm.

The woman had called her sister about 9:45 pm and said to her that her vehicle was punctured and that somebody has tried to help her and took her vehicle for repair. The woman also reportedly said to her sister that she was scared of some truck drivers near her.

Her sister had warned her to leave the vehicle, arrive at the toll plaza and return home by a cab. However, the doctor’s phone was switched off when her sister attempted to call her later

The family filed a missing complaint with the police at about 11 pm. The police discovered the body near Shadnagar on Thursday morning.

Investigations unveiled that the victim had left her home in Shamshabad for a veterinary hospital at Kolluru village. She came back in the evening at the toll plaza, parked her scooty nearby and took a cab to go to Gachibowli to attend a dermatologist. When she came back to the spot at about 9 pm, she discovered the 2-wheeler punctured.

Police assume the vehicle was deliberately punctured by the culprits to deceive the victim. They took her to the isolated place near the Tondupally toll gate, brutally molested her between the parked trucks and murdered her.

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