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Amber Rose Unveils She’s Undergoing Plastic Surgery After Giving Birth

Amber Rose disclosed that she is going to waste no time in her bid to get the figure that she had before pregnancy, back. She is undergoing full body liposuction as was known on Wednesday.

Amber Rose feels as if she is still pregnant!

Rose is 36 years in age and she is a model. Amber had revealed pretty recently that she was keen to transform back into shape as she still looks as if six months pregnant. She even told her followers on Instagram about her weight loss plans in a candid video from her hospital bed.

Amber got this to her 19 million followers’ notice that she is there at Dr Matlock’s office and is about to get her whole body done after the baby.

The 36-year-old model goes to Dr. Matlock for liposuction!

She then laid focus on some black markings that were around her jaw. She says that the doctor is going to operate there. Adding, she said that he is going to take out some of her jowls that are just like hereditary those just runs in her family.

She humorously told that the doctor is going to fix that and he is also going to suck all the baby fat out of her stomach. Amber said that she is about to go this morning and is super, super excited! While concluding she said that she loves us fans and hopes that we wish her luck.

Amber thinks her doctor is best in the world and every other celebrity goes to him!

She praised her doctor a lot and said that ll our favorite Girls and Guys go to him but they just don’t tell you but she will. Rose again said that Dr. Matlock is the best in his business!

A photo of the tugboat was recently posted by Amy Schumer in which she captioned jokingly that she looks alright in her costume. Amy added a hashtag that said baby weight. In this post, Rose commented that Amy’s picture is very natural while Rose thinks that she looks like 6 months pregnant.

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