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An Australian Man Discovered Snake In His Toilet Bowl

A man in Australia has been left frightened after finding a snake in his toilet bowl. 

A photo shared to Reddit presents a brown snake hidden underneath the rim of the toilet bowl.

‘My mother’s partner discovered this brown snake under his toilet lid,’ the Reddit user captioned the photo.

Social media users were astounded at how the snake slithered it’s way into the house while others joked regarding the situation.

‘After some posts like these on this subreddit…I am monitoring my toilet every single time…thanks Australia,’ one user wrote.

‘I’m reading this on the toilet, which I didn’t review for snakes before I sat. I’ve never been more frightened in my life,’ another person wrote.

‘Every moment I go to the toilet there’s a brown snake in it afterward,’ someone joked.

‘Possibly not the only brown snake in there,’ another joked.

Around 140 diverse species of snakes call Australia home, but 100 of them are venomous, and only 12 species are likely to eliminate.

A venomous snake bite could damage blood cells, cause blood clots, or excessive bleeding and damage tissue.

It should be operated immediately as some bites could lead to death within 30 minutes, depending on the quantity of venom injected and the toxicity level from the snake.

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