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Careless Father Left 5-Year-Old Daughter In A ‘Hot Car’ And Went To Play Slot Machines

A CARELESS dad left his sick five-year-old girl inside a hot car while he played slot machines in a pub, a court has listened.

The man, who is in his mid-40s, left his child in the steaming car outside of the Allenstown Hotel in Queensland, Australia on July 26.

A liquor store staff member noticed the poorly five-year-old without food or water in the vehicle, which just had one glass slightly open.

The court heard that the man’s older child was supposed to be looking after the kid, but after having a discussion, the daughter walked off.

Rather than staying in the car with his younger girl, the dad went inside the hotel, leaving the child alone in the wheels.

She was later seen in the hot car with twisted hair by a member of staff, the Blackwater Magistrates Court listened.

Solicitor Zoe Craven told The Courier-Mail: “He wasn’t thinking clearly at the time and was operating under stress.

“He exercised poor judgment.”

The court also learned that the child has suffered from various medical issues since birth.

Ms. Craven said: “For the most part he has been a very caring and attentive father to his child,” as he frequently visits throughout Central Queensland to take her to specialists and nutritionists.

Magistrate Robert Walker said a period of imprisonment would be suitable due to the severity of the offense.

But, after taking into consideration the man’s role as the child’s full-time carer, he diminished the sentence.

The father pleaded guilty to neglecting a child under 12 unattended and was put on 18 months’ probation with a sentence record.

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