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Netflix Answers To Fans Who Are Saying ‘The Irishman’ Boring

There has been a heavy storm for the past few days brought up by the users of the online streaming service provided by Netflix. This has majorly been around the time of the Thanksgiving break.

People say that Martin Scorsese’s new movie ‘The Irishman’ is boring!

During this time The Irishman has been on the top of the queue for a lot of people. But a lot of people on Netflix are defining this latest movie by Martin Scorsese as boring. Around this weekend, Netflix, our popular streaming giant fired back a reply to one user with a tweet. This user made light of the controversy surrounding people finding the best way to watch the film.

One account added that they really do not want to watch The Irishman on their phone. This happened after some comments were made by the director about the best way one could experience his work. This whole scenario of tweets started a sort of groundswell. People started discussing the best ways in which they could personally watch The Irishman.

They even included one very nifty episode guide that was able to slice it into chunks which are quite manageable. But this clearly comedic tweet made the clever people over at Netflix irresistible to quickly think up of a witty retort. This whole thing created free publicity for the service as well as for the title and proved to be very helpful probably in the viability of the platform amongst more and more options for streaming entertainment.

A user said that while they watch the movie there is a possibility of Martin coming from behind and beating up

A viewer tweeted that when a person will be busy watching The Irishman on their phone, Martin Scorsese will silently appear beside him. To this Netflix replied that he will absolutely appear but instead of beating you up he will simply sit across from you for the entire time duration of the movie and his eyes will twinkle in a way a grandfather’s does and screams the message that says it is okay my child, formats and presentation matter but your experience of art is valid no matter how you receive it.

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