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10-Year Old Dragged Underwater And Attacked By Dolphins During Swimming

A young girl has been left traumatized and injured after she was attacked by two dolphins during swimming.

Lexi Yeo, 10, was ministering the dolphin experience with her mother in Cancun, Mexico when things suddenly started to go very wrong.

Having been seized by a pair of dolphins, Lexi was dragged under the water and thrown about helplessly.

Despite desperate instructions and pleas from the trainers, the dolphins initially would not release the young girl and her mother began to fear that she would be killed.

Laura Jane Yeo ‘It was terrifying. I thought she was going to die.’

However, somehow managing to hold on to her bodyboard throughout the incident, Lexi managed to escape.

Although her life was fortunately saved, Lexi was left with deep bite marks, cuts and significant bruising.

Ms. Yeo said that she was disgusted by the TUI’s treatment of them and said that the dolphins in question are still swimming with tourists.

‘I’ve not even had a card, flowers or terry bear for Lexi from TUI,’ she said. ‘They have washed their hands of us.’

Organizers from Dolphin Discovery reportedly told the family that the dolphins’ behavior was due to rough sea conditions which ‘distressed’ the mammals.

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