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13 Reasons Why Season 4: 4 Crazy Fan Theories That Make The Final Season Worth Watching

It appears as though 13 Reasons Why’s third season was *just* released on Netflix. Season three strangely left us with a larger number of answers than questions, however fans have just started humming about with their 13 Reasons Why season four speculations internet, making us wonder what number of season three’s disclosures were unrealistic. Spoilers proliferate beneath for 13 Reasons Why’s third season, so continue with alert on the off chance that you haven’t completed the Netflix hit and get ready to have your mind blown.


Fans didn’t *love* the expansion of another storyteller on 13 Reasons Why’s third season. Exposing as a main priority that detesting an anecdotal TV character doesn’t give anybody the privilege to send on-screen character Grace Saif online detest, Elite Daily plot why fans think Ani Achola won’t return for 13 Reasons Why season four. Ani came to Liberty High since her mom was filling in as the live-in nurture for Bryce Walker’s granddad. Presently that Mr. Walker has passed on, essayists could without much of a stretch work out this disliked character by clarifying that Ani’s mother needed to locate another patient, driving Ani to move secondary schools once more.


In TV rationale, on the off chance that you didn’t see a character passing on-screen, they’re not so much dead. Overwhelming clarified that watchers on Twitter discovered Monty’s off-screen murder suspicious, particularly when 13 Reasons Why demonstrated a minor character, Jeff, pass on-screen prior during the season. With Ani’s insane tale about Monty’s blame and Winston prepared to expose the case, Monty’s arrival adjusts flawlessly with how 13 Reasons Why has taken care of comparative past cliffhangers. Catch Monty returning from the observer insurance program halfway through 13 Reasons Why season four.

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We don’t know about Monty’s destiny, however Bryce Walker is unquestionably dead and gone. After a peculiarly redemptive season for the sequential attacker, we’ve seen the remainder of Bryce, however we might not have *heard* the about of him. Reddit client matthew-onreddit thinks Bryce Walker left 13 tapes, not simply the last admission he gave to Jessica specifying his past violations and consequent blame. With 13 Reasons Why season four going about as the adolescent show’s last bow, Bryce’s 13 tapes going about as a season stay would bring the arrangement round trip.


13 Reasons Why season three recap posed the last inquiry, will Ani and Clay start dating? We’re going on out an appendage here and replying with a resonating certifiable. In the event that Ani isn’t discounted 13 Reasons Why for its last season, we can anticipate that Ani and Clay’s relationship should become the dominant focal point. It’s about time Clay Jensen got fortunate in affection on the show, and Ani disclosed to her mom she was dating Clay during season three’s last scene. We’d preferably observe Clay discover satisfaction for once over sitting around idly on another will-they, won’t-they matching that detracts from questions we’ve been asking since the main season.

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