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A Man Who Cheated $80K From Ladies He Met On Dating Apps Sentenced To Prison

A guy who scammed thousands of dollars out of ladies using dating apps has been sentenced to prison. Find out how much time the serial scammer got inside…

A serial scammer who defrauded thousands of dollars out of ladies via dating apps has learned his destiny.

34-year-old John Hill reportedly pleaded guilty to one count of fraud by taking and one count of lie and has been sentenced to seven years in jail and 13-months probation, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

You’ll recall, Hill was held in May after being indicted for scamming an Alpharetta lady he met on Match.com out of more than $80,000.

Hill was capable to swindle the money out of the Alpharetta lady after convincing her he was a millionaire and within a week of the assemblage on the dating site, they accepted to get married. The wealth he asked her for was intended to go toward the buying of their first home and for furniture. Once she sent him the money, POOF! He disappeared.

The lady had no idea Hill was already living in an apartment in Duluth with a different lady and a child. Investigators showed Hill had altered his name more than five times in the past three years and allegedly committed related crimes in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. At the time, it’s unclear if he still covers charges in those states.

Hill has also been required to pay the Alpharetta woman $83,500 in compensation and sign over a white BMW that he allegedly bought with the money he took from her. The judge also banned him from ever creating an online dating profile again.

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