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Boy Struggling For His Life After Almost Drowning In A Bath When He Was Left With A Nanny!

A baby is fighting for his life in hospital after almost drowning in just three cm of bathwater when left alone by his nanny.

Eleven-month-old York Skirrow stopped breathing and his heart then stopped beating for 18 minutes after his ordeal at his home in Thailand.

His ex-pat parents Nick and Jana Skirrow, 36 and 34, were out teaching while their nanny was looking after York in their house in Bangkok.

Nick, originally from Leeds, West Yorks said:

“I don’t know the ins and outs but it seems York needed washing off.

“He had a bath and the nanny had drained the water out.

“She got worried that the stove was still on and that Rex – York’s two-year-old brother – could be there so she went to check.

“He has done this before but he must have slipped and then the unimaginable happened.”

The troubled childcarer rushed the boy to hospital where doctors eventually revived him.

But he was weakened of oxygen to the brain and it is feared York may have been left brain-damaged.

The family has private insurance which reached its $25,200 limit in less than a week.

The page was set up six days ago and has already racked up almost $22,000 in donations.

Dad Nick said he has been able to forgive the nanny – who he said was “beside herself” – and that she loves his sons greatly.

He added: “York is a true fighter, he has been in ICU for a week already. In that time he has stabilized and his organs all seem to be on the mend.”

The baby will remain in ICU for another 10 to 14 days as he continues to be treated in a private hospital.

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