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Boyfriend Discover Her Partner Dead After Their Heated Debate At A Party Over Cheating Allegations

A young woman(who was also a mother) was found hanged by her boyfriend hours after they had a heated argument at a wedding reception over cheating allegations.

Emily Evans, 27, was found unresponsive by her partner Steven Davis at her home in Walsall. Both of them attended apart a day earlier where they fought over unfaithful claims and the argument became very violent.

The couple planned to get married soon. The young mother had a son while her boyfriend is survived by his two children.

According to the information received from the authorities, the couple left the party separately.

When they got back, Mr. Davis was upstairs while Ms. Evans stepped back outside to grab cigarettes from the car and was unable to get back in the house after the door automatically locked behind her which forced her to use a garden tool to smash the window of her partner’s car.

He then took his car for repairs and admitted to the fact that while driving he sent her various unpleasant messages and taunted her about different posts.

After returning to the home later that evening he found her unconscious body and she could not be saved despite the efforts of paramedics who were called.

Emily Evans
Source: dailymail.co.uk

Davis condemned his girl friend’s death and described her as a happy and fun-loving person. He further stated that both of them had been in an argument earlier as well, but he never expected such a kind of act from his partner.

He also admitted to the fact that the messages he sent to her were unpleasant and provoking.

A post-mortem examination report has revealed that Ms Evans had a fractured voicebox and has concluded she died as the result of hanging.

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