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Cancel Culture Labeled Drake A ‘Creep’ For Sending Messages To Teen Singer Billie Eilish

People are not able to calculate how creepy it is of Drake to text Billie Eilish. It was revealed in a recent turn of events. The social media has been continuously attacking Drake online when Eilish revealed that he has her number and also texts her a lot!

Fans are calling Drake a CREEP for texting Billie Eilish!

At Vanity Fair when they taking Billie’s interview, this artist who is just 17 years in age said that Drake, who is 33 years in age, is the nicest guy she has ever spoken to.

Eilish praised Drake a lot at the same interview and said that he does not need to be nice because he is a level in his life where he does not need to be nice to anyone, but nevertheless he is.

Billie says that Drake is a very nice guy and she appreciates him a lot!

According to what Eilish says about her interactions with Drake indicate positivism however some fans have taken to the opinion that is quite different. When in the year 2018 news came out that Drake was regularly texting ‘I miss you’ to Millie Bobby Brown who was the lead character in Stranger Things, he was criticized a lot, a lot for texting a child who is just 14 years in age.

Nevertheless, it was stated by Brown too that this popular hip-hop singer gives her advice on boys only.

Drake was criticized last year too when he was caught texting Millie Bobby Brown!

One user on Twitter asked if there is anyone else who thinks that it is strange of Drake to just have Billie Eilish and Millie Bobby Brown’s numbers. They added that it is definitely possible that he is just trying to act like a role model and it is all related with marketing but why in the world a man who is 32, texting only girls who are under 17 years of age.

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