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Man Arrested After Being Found Sitting Without Clothes

A Virginia guy was held Friday after police say he was discovered sitting without clothes in a car in a North Carolina Kohl’s parking lot on America’s most active shopping day of the year.

Tylik Shawdu Little, 28, was found after a patrolling officer breathed narcotics coming from a row of wheels, the Knightdale Police Department said in a news statement.

The officer requested Little to put clothes on and exit the wheels, but he instead tried to leave by driving behind and between nearby buildings, according to officials. He was stopped a short way away and taken into custody, consuming pants and a shirt.


“This sort of public behavior on the busiest shopping day of the year is particularly appalling,” told Police Chief Lawrence Capps. “We are glad no citizens were adversely impacted and pleased that our emphasis on proactive patrols paid off in this instance.”

Despite the region being packed with Black Friday shoppers, officials said they believed that only the officer noticed Little’s lewd talk. No passersby or store buyers had reported Little, whose aims weren’t quickly known, police said.
Little was filled with indecent exposure, resisting detention, narcotics possession. He was also served as an excellent warrant for assault on a woman. He was being taken at the Wake County Detention Center.
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