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Man Dies While Trying To Steal Electricity!

The world is full of crimes, from thievery to murder such heinous activities took place nowadays which makes safety a doubtful thing in society.

But Stealing is one of the crimes which implies the crossing the limits and provide severe damage to both victim and suspect.


Burglaries and thefts may not be worth your life, they say. Something quite like this happened to a man in Bhubaneswar as power theft proved too costly for his life.

The man was hot-chair to death in the Kharvel Nagar area while he was trying to steal electricity on Wednesday. The man’s identity is still not confirmed.

The victim had climbed atop an electric pole near his house late on Wednesday night to steal electric cable when the mishap took place. He suffered an electric shock after coming in contact with an 11kv power transmission line accidentally and died on the spot.

After being informed by locals, Law enforcers arrived on the spot and sent the half-charred body to a nearby hospital for autopsy.

Locals alleged the man was a regular thief and has several theft cases against him. He is suspected to be a resident of a nearby slum.

Kharvela Nagar Police said the matter is under investigation and the truth will soon be revealed.

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