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Man Stabbed His 2-Year-Old Son With A Comb And Physically Assaulted His Wife

In a shocking and horrifying case of Brooklyn, an angry and furious father stabbed his son in the head with a sharp edge of a comb.

According to the information received from the sources, the man was supposedly inside the family’s home on Clinton Ave near Greene Avenue in Fort Greene.

An argument broke out between the couple and during the dispute, the 26-year-old man grabbed a comb with a metal edge and assaulting his wife with it, his anger increased at such a level that he even stabbed the child with the same comb.

The child was immediately rushed to Methodist Hospital and now is in a stable condition whereas his mother has sustained minor injuries to the arm and leg.

The father has been taken into custody but has not been charged yet. According to information received, he was taken for a psychiatric evaluation on Saturday.

The couple’s two other children during the time of the incident.

What would make him stab the baby?” said one neighbor. The neighbor further informed that the couple regularly fights over small issues.

I have family in the building that have heard screaming,” she said.

Some of the neighbors said that this was something that they never expected from the father of three as that man would spend his time with his son by playing with him.

It’s not like him, [He] spends most of his time with his son, he’s a family man.” Another neighbor said.

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