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Mother Demands Capital Punishment For Her Son’s Distrustful Act As He Molested A Doctor

In a terrifying case of Hyderabad, Telangana, a doctor was molested and then set ablaze by a gang of 4 boys.

In a statement giving by the victim’s mother, she demanded that all those accused in the case should be burnt alive.

Now, the mother of one of those accused has come out and has spoken and has said that if her son is guilty of the crime then he should be burned in the same way, the girl was burned.

She said, “If my child is found guilty of the crime, burn him in the same way they burned her. I am suffering today but I can also imagine the pain and suffering with which the girl’s mother is going through after the incident.”

Having said this, this mother has proved the fact that all those who commit such kinds of crimes must be given punishment not less than death.

According to the reports, the victim(who was a doctor) was returning after meeting a dermatologist. She parked her two-wheeler vehicle near the scene. The four accused who are supposed to be drunk during that time and spotted her while she was parking her vehicle.

One of the accused is said to have punctured the tire and following that he went and offered her help, but having her bike taken by a stranger, she called her younger sister and informed her about the situation, after some time victim’s sister tried calling her but no one replied. She even went to the place where the victim called her but found no one.

Alarmed by the situation, she lodged a complaint at a nearby police station and later that day the search began and her charred body was then found out by the police.

The family had alleged that if the Cyberabad Police had acted on time, their daughter would have been safer hands. Three police officers were suspended by the Cyberabad Police in connection with the incident.

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