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Robert Reveals About His Ex-Girlfriends And Children On A Recent Episode Of 90 Day Fiancé

Robert Reveals This Shocking Truth

Robert opened up about in an ongoing scene of 90 Day Fiancé that he has five children from four different exes. The star conceded during a week ago’s scene that he was a “player” some time ago, yet guarantees that he’s become a mature guy much in the course of the most recent couple of years. Notwithstanding, his Dominican life partner Anny was dismayed when he revealed reality, and she told the cameras that he was with “such a large number of ladies.”

The truth couple was at that point on bad terms paving the way to the child uncover, in light of the fact that they were contending over Robert’s choice to keep photographs of his exes on his Facebook page. The contention provoked Robert to at last spill the tea about his other kids, regardless of disclosing to Anny that he possibly had three when they previously got together.

Robert Confirms That He Is a Changed Man Now!

During a confession booth, Robert clarifies that he was a “player” when he lived in Brooklyn and that he once in a while gets the opportunity to see his other kids, yet that he’s developed in the course of the most recent couple of years. “Anny knows a great deal about my past, it’s quite obvious,” he tells the cameras. “I’m not concealing anything. I have five wonderful kids by four distinct ladies. I love my kids, however the four that don’t live with me, I don’t get the opportunity to see all the time.”

He proceeds, “Back in the days, living in Brooklyn, I was a player. I had companions playing around with chicks, so I thought it was cool. However, presently I’m an changedperson. I became out of that gathering stage. I grew up, and my needs changed. A great deal.”

In a similar clasp, Robert and Anny contend over Robert’s refusal to erase photos of his exes off of his online networking pages. In spite of the fact that he guarantees Anny he just has eyes for her, and that they are all before, she wouldn’t like to hear it.

There is one image of Robert’s girl on his Instagram page. As per the remarks, the young lady included in the photograph is Robert’s little girl, whom he alludes to as his “N-crap.” When an analyst inquires as to whether the young lady is Anny, a companion of Robert’s answers that she is really his little girl.

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