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Student Threatens To Commit Suicide If The Accused Molesters Are Not Hanged Till Death

A couple of days before, a case from Telangana, India left everyone in a shock and in grief for a female doctor who was molested by a group of people and was later killed by them.

There have been many protests in the country since then and each and everyone is demanding very strict action against the accuses.

Everyone has stepped out of their houses in support of the victim and is demanding from the government to take all the necessary actions as quickly as possible.

Following this, a graduate student climbed on to the top of a building and threatened to commit suicide if his demands were fulfilled.

The only demand with which he climbed and threatened to commit suicide was to punish the molesters and all those accused only by giving them the punishment of ‘hang till death’.

During the long drama, a huge crowd of people gathered at the scene and started watching the drama which was happening around there.

Police officers were called to control the situation. After long conversations with the boy, officers were finally able to persuade him to climb down the building and after handling the situation properly, handed over the boy to his parents.

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