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Teacher Kicked Out Of The School After Criticizing And Commenting On A Student’s Parents

Being gay is very normal and there is nothing to hide from this fact but some indecent and insensitive people consider criticizing these people a very funny thing.

In a similar case, Utah substitute teacher was kicked out from class after she allegedly commented on a homophobic rant about a fifth-grade students’ gay dads.

This insensitive incident occurred at ‘Deerfield Elementary School’ when the class was asked to say what they were thankful for ahead of Thanksgiving break.

An 11-year-old boy who was in the foster care system said that he was thankful that he was finally going to be adopted by his two dads.

According to the information received, the teacher soon after listening to this fired back at the student saying “that is nothing to be thankful for.

She supposedly went on 10-minute bombast about her own views where she repeatedly told the class that “two men living together is a sin.”

Listening to this, three female students stood up in support for the boy and took this matter to the principal’s office following which the substitute teacher was escorted out of the school.

Boy’s fathers, Louis and Josh van Amstel have commented on this issue and have said that they were left shaken by the woman’s homophobic comments.

He was so fearful that this could make us think that we do not want to adopt him,” Louis said.

That is definitely not going to happen. But this situation really hurt him. This person really hurt us.” He added.

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The school uses staffing company ‘Kelly Services’ to hire a substitute teacher and has assured that necessary action has been taken.

Kelly Services said in a statement, “We are concerned about any reports of inappropriate behavior and take these matters very seriously. We conduct business based on the highest standards of honesty, excellence, and expert excellence. We are looking into this situation.”

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