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Who Will Direct the Green Lantern Corps Film, JJ Abrams Or Greg Berlanti?

Perhaps the darkest moments in superhero film history happens to be probably the most brilliant motion picture. Not brilliant as in chipper—like truly, they utilized an excessive amount of green light. Green Lantern was so terrible, Deadpool returned so as to execute Ryan Reynolds before he could make it. In any case, it’s been about 10 years since that debacle, and Warner Bros seems to be prepared to push ahead with a reboot. Director JJ Abrams and upcoming director Greg Berlanti are battling for their chance to present to us the Green Lantern we’ve been sitting tight for. The motion picture, Green Lantern Corps needs an executive, thus it bodes well that Warner Bros. would take a look at their two greatest names.

Why JJ Abrams is the Best Director for Green Lantern Corps

Love him or hate him, Abrams can build series. He took an approximately plotted TV series about survivors of a plane accident and transformed it into one of the best and TV programs ever. Be that as it may, it’s the artistic work we’re generally intrigued by. Indeed, he directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the forthcoming Rise of Skywalker, yet Star Wars isn’t what shows his ability for Lantern. It’s Star Trek.

In 2009, Star Trek was a film series that passed on its last limp. Nemesis was a failure, perhaps more than Green Lantern. The main beneficial thing to leave Nemesis was the screen test between Tom Hardy and Patrick Stewart. Star Trek (2009) was monetarily profitable, yet fundamentally as well. What’s more, fans loved it. Abrams made a point to fit in a manner to make it with the goal that the diehard fans still have their progression, however, enabled new fans to come in new. On the off chance that he is the executive of Green Lantern Corps, we can anticipate his gutsy style (and focal point flares) that made Star Trek and Mission: Impossible III work so well.

Why Greg Berlanti is the Best Director for Green Lantern Corps

While Abrams has set up himself as the franchise man, Berlanti has nothing in his coordinating tab on IMDB. He did several cheerful comedies during the ’00s, however beside those two recent movies, the main understood one he directed was Love, Simon—which was a hit. Presently, it may resemble a BIG hop to go from Love, Simon to Green Lantern Corps, however, take a gander at where some Marvel chiefs originated from.

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