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Wrestler Cody Rhodes Speaks About His Father’s Legacy Ahead Of WWE Starrcade

WWE Starrcade event that took place last night made Cody Rhodes who is an AEW star, comment on the lasting legacy of his father, Dusty Rhodes.

Dusty Rhodes, father of Cody Rhodes, is remembered by his son!

Cody tweeted that he had been wondering why he was having such an introspective day and then he saw the Starrcade was happening. He added that though his father with no doubts is dead, he had such a positive influence on pro-wrestling for the last few years and it is wonderful that he believed in making moments that lasted.

In the year 1983, Starrcade was created by Dusty Rhodes for NWA and JCP. Laer it was sold to Turner Broadcasting because it was suffering from financial problems. It then became WCP but eventually stopped.

The Starrcade was brought back to life in the year 2000 by WWE and bought all the rights to WCW. For about 17 years a hiatus ran and not a single event took place in it until the year 2017.

Starrcade, which was started by Dusty Rhodes, is an event that happens every year now!

WWE has made Starrcade a regular event now. Albeit it is not at the same magnitude it used to be, the event still holds a lot of emotional value to a lot of crowds including Cody Rhodes.

The AEW star paid tribute to his father by uploading this tweet on his Twitter handle yesterday. His text also included the significance of the event.

Many fans around the globe suffered network issues on WWE Network!

It is not sure if Cody watched Starrcade yesterday night or not but at least the thing that he was not one of those several WWE fans that had issues watching the show due to WWE Network problems.

In the matches not shown on television, Andrade was defeated by Ricochet, King Corbin by Roman Reigns. In a Steel Cage Match, Bray Wyatt retained the Universal Championship over Brian Strowman.

Although this year’s Starrcade was not a memorable one, it would not have happened without one of the legends of wrestling who is obviously, Dusty Rhodes!

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