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WWE Network Confronted Tremendous Outages Throughout Starrcade

WWE did not have a view that was payable for this weekend but they obviously did have Starrcade. This event was always meant for Thanksgiving weekend and at some point in time, it was WCW’s biggest event of the year.

Viewers were having technical issues in watching WWE Network!

As a way to give subscribers more live content, WWE broadcasts an hour of the show on WWE Network. This show is essentially a WWE house show. The only drawback is that it can only happen when Networks of WWE are working and that definitely was not the case for many people trying to watch Starrcade.

Especially from the Midwest and Northeast, a spike in outages for WWE Network was shown by Down Detector. There were a heck lot of tweets about WWE Network being down and working ill.

WWE put up live streaming on their YouTube Channel!

WWE did not sense any trouble in their networks or any technical issues on their Twitter account. In fact, they did tweet out that they were live-streaming Starrcast on their YouTube Channel.

WWE was trying to hide the issues that happened with their Networks!

But fans can clearly see that WWE is trying to sweep whatever happened under the rug and it is sort of strange. Putting Starrcast on Youtube was not clearly a prior decision they made because the live stream started about 20 minutes after the broadcast and while the show was in the middle of the Fatal 4-Way Women’s Tag Team Championship match. And if it was really the plan of WWE to start the stream on Youtube, they would have done it from the start.

And it is really not like WWE is trying to fool the people who actually had issues watching on the network. And it might result in fans being angry when they know that there was a fault with the network and WWE is just trying to ignore it.

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