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8 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Instagram Ads

There are hundreds of strategies for growing your followers and improving your conversions from Instagram. You can buy Instagram followers from ViralRace, focus on your content, and post to Stories daily, but it may not be enough to get the reach you want. 

Instagram ads are also very useful for boosting your following and reaching your goals, no matter what they are. But don’t jump into the world of paid advertising without understanding what you’re getting into. 

The problem is poorly planned advertisements do little good for your company. They don’t reach the right people, so your ROI is low. Even though Instagram has geo-targeting properties, it doesn’t mean your target audience will see it if you don’t feed the program the right information. 

Here are eight simple ways that you can optimize your Instagram ads and get the most bang for your buck. 

  1. Get Specific About Your Audience 

Geo-targeted ads only covert well when you can craft a specific audience using custom and lookalike audiences. When designing Instagram ads, you’ll be asked for demographics about your audience like location, gender, interests, and more. Focus on understanding their interests to do the most good with your ads. 

You can also remarket your ads using increased information about your target audience. These ads will be placed primarily in front of those who are already following you or who have engaged with your brand before. It can help encourage repeat customers or bring cart abandoners back to the cart. 

  1. Use Your Best Content 

Instead of creating brand new advertisements, consider pulling from your existing content. Grab your best-performing pieces and adapt it to an advertisement format. If you’re worried about repeating exact content, use the same format to create a brand-new ad. 

  1. Change the Look of Your Traditional Ads

What if your ads aren’t getting the reaction you want because they look too much like ads? The average consumer doesn’t mind a good ad here and there, but an ad that looks like a stunning Instagram post is even better. Your target audience will respond better when the advertisement in question looks like a regular post. 

Here are a few ways that you can change the look of the traditional ad and get a better response: 

  • Ads with Faces: Take real photos featuring faces. These tend to get a far better reaction (38 percent more likes than those without) and serve as a form of social proof. 
  • Carousel Ads: Use storytelling to enhance your ad with the carousel feature on Instagram. This allows you to use multiple images, which can give extra depth to the traditional ad. 
  • Zoom Ads: Instagram has finally granted the ability to zoom in on photos and videos, and you can use that to your advantage with advertisements. Tug at the curiosity of your followers by asking them to zoom in on the ad to find a hidden gem. It creates instant, natural engagement. 
  • Collection Ads: This enables consumers to purchase directly from the ad. It’s a great way to get quick conversions! 
  1. Write a Strong Call to Action Instagram has placed many restrictions on the use of links in your posts, but you can use them in Stories and in your advertisements. At the bottom of your paid ad, there will be a colored bar featuring a simple call to action.

You get to choose what it says, and it’s important to make it short but strong. Based on the context of your ad, you might say something like “Learn more,” “Apply now,” “Subscribe now,” “Contact Us” or “Book now.” 

  1. Optimize with Video 

Video is still the most powerful marketing medium and one of the best Instagram growth hacks, and it can be particularly powerful in Instagram ads. As one of the most visual social media platforms, your videos stand to make a keen impression on your targeted audience. 

Videos can be uploaded to Stories, your newsfeed, or IGTV. Explore multiple mediums to see which brings the best return for your brand. Be sure to add a call to action button on all paid ads to reach your goals. 

  1. Use Stories Ads 

Instagram Stories ads are arguably the most impactful advertisements. Stories ads are added to users’ Story reels and automatically play between the Stories of those you follow. The automatic nature of these ads ensures that users will see at least part of your ad. 

Plus, Stories ads are made for full-screen viewing, meaning there are no other distractions around, and it captures your audience’s full attention. Stories ads can feature a single image or video or a series of them. They should be short and succinct, however, to avoid losing the audience. 

Stories ads disappear after 24 hours, which might seem like a downside, but it can work in your favor. It generates a sense of urgency that spurs action sooner rather than later. 

  1. Budget Intelligently 

Instagram ads can be so effective that many marketers and business owners believe they have to be expensive. But that’s the beauty of Instagram advertising: You can spend as much as you want and still have a good return. 

Set your budget to what you can afford, but don’t spend too much at the beginning. You want to make sure your ads will be successful before you pour hundreds into it. Once you’ve established a solid advertising regime that’s consistently bringing in more business, up the ante. 

Additionally, focus on creating beautiful ads that will speak for themselves. Your payment and geo-targeting will help the Instagram algorithm find the right people, but your high-quality advertisements must be able to compel them to act. 

  1. Choose the Right Placement 

When you finish creating your ads, you’ll have the option to showcase them in one of two places: Automatic Placements or Edit Placements. Automatic Placements uses an algorithm to choose where Instagram thinks they’ll perform best. 

Edit Placements lets you choose where you ad appears. If you only want it appearing in Stories, for example, you can choose Edit Placements and put it exactly where you want it. 

At the beginning, you might choose the automatic option, but if you’re not seeing the engagement you want, it might be time to choose the location on your own. Always watch your analytics to see where your ads perform best, and don’t waste your time and money posting elsewhere. 

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