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Actor Rob Lowe’s Son John Trolls Him From Backstage Throughout Ellen DeGeneres Interview

John Owen is Rob Lowe’s youngest son. He works for renowned screenwriter Ryan Murphy but in a recent show, his main expertise seemed to troll his famous father on the National TV.

In a clip from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that was published on Monday, DeGeneres interviewed the actor while his 24-year-old son thought of clever trolls and memes for his father backstage and posted them to the screen.

DeGeneres noted that John Owen and his brother(who is elder to him) Matthew Edward’s status for playfully trolling their dad on social media. Lowe further said about both of his sons, “They troll me, as the kids call it.”

Lowe’s interview began with a discussion of a magazine that titled him as “sexy at every age.”

When DeGeneres began showing shirtless images of Lowe as “examples of what somebody would want him to see in a cover of some magazine and expectedly, have seen to put him on the cover,” John Owen interrupted again.

He wrote, “Please stop guys,”. “plz

After seeing a picture of a shirtless Lowe cuddling their dog, John Owen kidded his father, “Honestly amazed he is not shirtless right now!

DeGeneres then swiveled to Lowe’s trip to the Galápagos Islands and displayed a photo of the actor with a large tortoise. According to Lowe, the animal was probably 150 years of age.

They honestly do not truly know how old they can live, but that is obviously a big boy right there,” the 55-year-old continued.

John Owen took this as another opportunity to troll his father. The setup gave John Owen another opportunity.

He wrote, “Just a group of dinosaurs hovering out, rob suits right in

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