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An Army Man Murdered His Wife And Sister-In-Law After Being Bitten By Mosquitos

In Bihar, India, an army man shot his young wife and just-married sister-in-law to death before killing himself in a running car, apparently outraged that he was bitten by mosquitoes in his father-in-law’s house appearing in dengue fever.

Police told that army man 35-year-old Vishnu Sharma was being brought to Patna for treatment of dengue fever when he quickly took out his service revolver and shot dead his wife and sister-in-law before killing himself by shooting on Sunday.

His 2 children aged 7 and 6 narrowly escaped death after the driver quickly stopped the car on bearing the sound of fire and yelled for help. By the time local villagers arrived near him, he had killed himself too.

Witnesses told while traveling by car the army man had an argument with his wife when he told that if he had not visited his father-in-law’s house, he would not have fallen victim to dengue fever.

“He (army man) was telling that he was bitten by mosquitoes at his in-law’s home as a consequence of which he experienced from dengue fever. This was strongly opposed by his wife and sister-in-law after which he shot both of them to death with his service revolver in anger,” his close relative traveling in the car Mithilesh Thakur told the media on Monday.

Family members said that the soldier had gone into depression for undergoing dengue fever and he was also being treated for this disease. They said that they never knew he had carried a firearm with him while going for treatment.

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