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Duluth Dad Charged With Manslaughter In 9-Week-Old Baby Girl’s Loss

A Duluth dad is behind bars with no bond later police said his baby girl died over the weekend.

Duluth Police said officers returned around 7:30 a.m. Nov. 30 to Northside Hospital in Duluth, located at 3620 Howell Ferry Road after getting reports of a 9-week-old baby who died.

Officers talked to the child’s father, Khaliq Woods, who said he was watching his baby the night before and was tossing and catching the baby in the air at their Plantation Trace Drive home. He said he put the baby down in his bed at 10 p.m. because he had no cradle.

At around 2 a.m., Woods said he went to go serve the baby girl, but the infant would not take the bottle and resembled to be having trouble breathing. He told officers after seeing this, he left to take the baby to the hospital at 5 a.m.

When he came with the baby girl in the infant carrier nearby 6 a.m., doctors and nurses said she was cold to the touch and had already expired. Nurses told officers they noticed recent wounds on the baby’s torso and arms.

Officers also talked to the infant’s mom, who was separated from Woods. She told officers the baby exists with her, but she took her to Woods’ residence over the weekend because she had newly gone back to work.

She said Woods had attended the baby before and had even been sending daily texts with updates during the day. She told officers she got a call from Woods around 7 a.m., and he was screaming on the phone.

Finally, though, officers arrested Woods and charged him with felony manslaughter, aggravated assault, battery and brutality to children in the first degree. Police took Woods to the Gwinnett County Jail where he is being held with no bail.

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