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Here’s How Newly Launch Cybertrucks Aerodynamics Can Be Compared To Normal Trucks

Cybertruck Aerodynamics

One thing that Elon Musk accentuated about the Cybertruck during its launch is that its structure is more than just feel. We definitely know the thick, precise steel plates make for a more rounded edge and hypothetically lower construct cost, however, it likely has another advantage as well: aerodynamics.

The quicker a vehicle goes, the more it needs to battle drag – basically the air pushing back on a moving item. As a rule, the lower the vehicle’s drag coefficient, the simpler it is for it to ‘cut’ through the air, and the better its mileage will be (all else being equivalent). While some stressed the Cybertruck’s precise structure would hamper its streamlined features, the vehicle seems to contrast well with existing trucks.

YouTube channel Boats and Engines put the Cybertruck’s streamlined features under a magnifying glass utilizing computational liquid elements programming to show the vehicle’s presence. It’s fundamentally a breeze burrow test system.

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Well, no one else did it so I did. Here is the #CyberTruck in CFD. What intrigues me is how well this works. While it may occur to be happenstance that the aero turns out quite well, I believe this was actually the result of very clever design. Ease of manufacturing in flat panels, significant use of triangulated body parts, etc. I won't quote a drag coefficient, as I dont want to put words in anyone's mouth, but I will place money on it being much lower than most sports cars (due to down force), and nearly any (1/2 ton) truck period. Further, I believe the vortex shed over the bed walls helps act to "seal the bed" when the cover is open. I havent modeled the open bed yet, but it sure seems promising. Further, it appears the front end is designed to almost entirely blank out / shield the wheel well…. The cad file is dimensionally correct, all angles and curves are as close as possible. There are some uncertainties such as fenders and wheel well air-exhaust etc. Lastly, at 65mph the local velocity over the roof "peak" is 88mph. Is this the ultimate Elon Easter Egg? @tesla #Tesla #TeslaTruck #CFD @elon

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This is why Cyber is different from other trucks

He found that while there’s a touch of expansion haul at the very pinnacle of the vehicle, it’s a general shockingly effective structure. The level front of the vehicle really seems to fill in as an air splitter, easily diverting wind stream. The reality the truck accompanies an incorporated, hardened bed blanket doesn’t hurt. A week ago, plane architect Justin Martin likewise reproduced the Cybertruck’s streamlined features and arrived at comparable resolutions.

Pontoons and Engines recognize that his product and model aren’t sufficiently precise to assess the vehicle’s drag coefficient with complete exactness, however, his outcomes, in any case, recommend that a few stresses over the Cybertruck’s level plan are unwarranted.

Additional telling is a correlation of the Cybertruck with two existing vehicles, the Ford F150 and Dodge Ram 1500. Vessels and Engines accomplished a drag co-proficient of 0.39 at 60 mph for the Cybertruck, contrasted with 0.59 for the F150 and 0.56 for the Ram 1500.

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