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How AI Is Enhancing Food Distribution In The U.S.

AI, artificial intelligence. It’s everywhere. And it is also a viable tool for the food industry. It can help improve processes to avoid waste and elimination. It can help treat diseases or infections in specific locations so that the food we eventually do consume is clean and healthy for us, the end consumer. 

Then, there are ways in which AI can help in the distribution chain. Logistical planning to ensure it is delivered on time, to the right location, and in the right quantities. So, what are some of how AI is making an impact on the way food distribution is working in the US? 

These are a few of the ideas which AI has transformed and streamlined processes so that there’s as little waste as possible, and so everything is running as efficiently as it possibly can as well.


Farmers, planters, and organizations that ship food in the US can plan it before they send it. For example, AI is going to help companies determine where certain food products are needed, and where there isn’t a need for their foods. 

So, organizations can easily set up trucks, can set up logistics, shipments, and other variables within their production line to ensure the food is getting delivered where it needs to go and isn’t going to regions where customers are not purchasing the items that are being produced.


AI can also assist with sorting in the production line or on the field. For example, there is picking software and robotics that farmers can use in the field for picking different crops. Or, in the supply chain, organizations can use robotics to help improve the speed at which items are being sorted and packaged. 

Not only will it help to speed up the process, in comparison to the human counterparts, but a lot less waste will go into it as well when artificial intelligence is brought into the mix. 

With the latest and most advanced robotic systems in place, farmers, shippers, and warehouses can keep on top of demand, and make sure that their operations are flowing as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Warehouse Needs

In a warehouse, the use of AI can make everything run more smoothly. In food distribution, this is also the case. 

Let’s say a supplier has to ship out 10000 cases to the NW, and the company is located in the SE of the US. Robotics and online software programs will provide

  • A detailed list of logistic chain events to ensure faster delivery
  • The most economical routes to deliver products
  • Different suppliers or third party companies which a company can work with for faster shipment
  • How to avoid waste or spoilage of certain foods along the way
  • How to improve refrigeration and prevent decay, without increasing the cost of fleet and maintenance

There are so many things that software can teach companies. And, there are many different routes a company can choose when making a shipment from one point in the US to another. 

With logistic planning and AI, not only are these points better connected, but shipment and distribution companies have a better idea of how the entire process will play out before they ever put anything onto a truck.

Distribution Software

There’s distribution software that is far advanced than anything we’ve seen in years past available to shippers today. Companies can have a clear understanding of how long it will take for something to get from point A to point B. 

They can determine which route to take to avoid delays. IF there are weather concerns, shippers can learn which routes/travel methods to utilize, in order to prevent getting stuck or lost in transit. 

With real-time information, these software applications and AI features, help streamline the process, give distributors a clear picture of what’s going on, and help improve the overall efficiency of food distribution throughout the US.

Need new methodologies in place for your food distribution warehouse? Our team at JD Edwards Managed Services can deliver a custom-tailored plan for your organization’s needs. 

Learn more about software, implementing new practices, and ways in which we can help you provide and distribute in a timely fashion while achieving the most significant objectives within your organization.

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