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How To Display Most Recent Message At Top In Mail Threads On iOS And macOS

While being occupied with a long discussion string, did you ever wish to make the latest message more available? That is to say, to have the option to get to the most recent message without burrowing through a whole email string will be great, won’t it? Both Apple Mail for iOS and macOS let you show the latest message over an email string on your iPhone, iPad or Mac so it’s somewhat simpler for you to check the most recent reaction. Sadly, this convenient element is killed as a matter of course and furthermore marginally far out – most likely the significant motivation behind why it has stayed less known. Anyway, we should give it a shot!

Show Most Recent Message on Top in Apple Mail application on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Not yet running iOS 13 or macOS Catalina? No issue as this element has existed in the Apple Mail application for long. In this way, regardless of whether your gadget is running the more established working framework, you can utilize this clever component to change the request for messages in the review territory of the email application.

On iOS and iPadOS

1. Dispatch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Presently, look down and tap on Mail.

3. In the Threading section, turn on the switch of “Most Recent Message on Top.”

That is it! Going ahead, you should see the latest message directly on top of an email string in the Apple Mail application.

On Mac

1. Open the Mail app on your Mac.

2. Presently, click on the Mail menu at the upper left corner.

3. Next, choose Preferences in the menu.

4. Next up, select the Viewing tab

5. At long last, check the case for “Show latest message on the top.”

Presently, quit the System Preferences. At that point, head over to an email string. The most recent message would sit tight for your consideration directly at the highest point of the request in the review territory.

Adjust Order of Messages in Apple Mail Threads

Along these lines, that is the clear method to change the request for the messages of email strings. Since you know this little however powerful hack, capitalize on it to effortlessly get to the most recent message without plunging profound into a particular discussion string. Incidentally, let me know your input about Apple Mail and where does it remain against plenty of the best outsider email applications. As we are looking at streamlining informing, I might want to switch your consideration towards a similarly productive element called a two-finger tap motion that makes the procedure of managing Messages in iOS 13 incredibly nice.

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