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Karry Katona Shocked After Founding About What Her Son’s School Mate Threatened To Do

KERRY Katona was left shocked when she found about the boy who threatened her 11-Year-Old son Max. The boy is from the same school where her son studies. The boy told his son that he would molest her mother.

Katona has starred in Atomic Kitten and has five children from various relationships, including Max from her second marriage to Mark Croft.

Kerry, 39, shared her fear at a recent exchange between her only son and one of his companions.

She said, “I was shaken to the core last week by a very unpleasant incident that occurred between my Max and a young lad he knows while the pair were playing on the Xbox.”

“They were communicating over their headsets and when Max beat the boy at the game, this lad took the defeat badly and yelled at Max, ‘I am going to molest your mum.”

Kerry was not home at the time so her boyfriend Ryan Mahoney consoled Max as he was very tensed and afraid by the boy’s comments and remarks on her mother.

She further said that she is looking forward to meeting and talking to the child’s parents who bullied her only son in the school and that she will not tolerate any kind of such behavior on her children just because of her bad past.

She is not at all happy with this thing and is currently under shock. She might have had a bad past but that should not be made a reason for others to bully her children.

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