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Key Differences Between Google Home Mini And Google Nest Mini

The Nest Mini and Google Home Mini are firmly related items: Much like Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot speakers, the Home Mini and Nest Mini are both littler variants of the Home keen speaker. Both use Google Assistant, one of the better remote helpers as of now available at the present time, and associate with an assortment of gadgets around your home. You can utilize these gadgets to play music, make calls, use voice directions for keen gadgets, pose inquiries, and update Google applications like Calendar.

Valuing and accessibility

From multiple points of view, the Nest Mini was expected to be a swap for the Home Mini, with a couple of significant redesigns and a reestablished spotlight on the “Home” brand and the information security it gives. One of the outcomes is that there’s no contrast between the costs of the two models: Both expense $49, and both component-free transporting from locales like Google. This likewise thinks about well to contender items, like Amazon’s third era Echo Dot, which sells for $50. Despite the fact that estimating is no contrast between the two, you can unquestionably expect the Google Home Mini to drop in cost or even observe liberal deals limits as we head into the Christmas season, given that it’s the more established model.

This makes a value suggestion extremely simple: If the Nest Mini accompanies refreshed highlights (which we will discuss increasingly down underneath) and a similar sticker price, at that point it’s certainly the better arrangement.


The Home Mini is a little plate shrouded in texture. The highest point of the circle utilizes three LED dabs to convey capacities like running procedures, tuning in, starting arrangements, or quiet mode. You can tap the sides of the Mini to change volume, stop a procedure, or quiet. Be that as it may, it very well may be somewhat troublesome in light of the fact that they’re not appropriately stamped — frequently requiring a few taps before they’re found. There’s a little mic switch at the base to kill the mic completely as required. The Mini comes in a few diverse shading alternatives including dim blue and orange.

From the outset, the Nest Mini appears to be identical. It’s marginally littler (so slight it’s difficult to tell), and comes in somewhat extraordinary shading choices. There’s additionally an incorporated divider mount on this model, where the Home Mini requires purchasing a divider mount extra. The touch controls on either side of the gadget and the LED lights on the top capacity a similar route in the two models.

Brilliant home control

Since both the Nest Home and Home Mini use Google Assistant to control brilliant gadgets, they have similar usefulness: Anything that works over Google Assistant will work for either gadget. Both can interface with and control many shrewd gadgets around the home, both can run on Android or iOS, and there’s no calculable contrast here.

Notwithstanding, we will take note of that Google’s brilliant home similarity framework is, well, a wreck at this moment. Google is attempting to move everybody from the old Works with Nest program to a more up to date, progressively restricted Works with Google Assistant program. The progress is as of now a muddled one, and savvy gadget families will lose different compatibilities and functionality as an outcome. The residue will clear in the long run, yet right now both Home and Mini are great decisions for a house that has just a few keen gadgets however needs to embrace more later on.

Speakers and sound

The Home Mini has a 40mm driver for sound, around a similar size that is found in huge earphones. This is a noteworthy diminishing in sound reach and quality contrasted with bigger Bluetooth speakers like the Google Home. Sadly, this rendition of the Home Mini just has a miniaturized scale USB port for control, so you will require Bluetooth remote earphones to associate with it (so, all things considered, you can simply interface with your PC). It’s not so much structured as a music-playing machine.

Here we run over perhaps the greatest contrast with the Nest Mini, the speaker update. The Nest Mini still has a 40mm driver, however, Google reports that it updated the sound framework to give bass that is twice as solid as the primary unique model. This is difficult to pass judgment on when the specs are the equivalent, yet there is a remarkable sound improvement. Be that as it may, neither one of the models will draw near to the degree of execution that a full brilliant speaker can reach, so they aren’t extraordinary for music. The Nest Mini, in any case, has an edge with regards to notices, reports, making up for lost time with sports, and other sound-related uses when the speaker will be close within reach.


Both the Home Mini and the more current Nest Mini are intended for similar applications — going about as meager individual collaborators in littler spaces. They aren’t generally intended to be set in focal areas the manner in which bigger speakers are, in spite of the fact that this is a plausibility on the off chance that you don’t have some other options. However, the Minis are for the most part at home on work areas, in dormitories, hanging out by workspaces, or roosted on littler counters where individuals will work close by. They don’t do very just as morning timers since there’s no simple component for telling the time, yet they could fill in as morning timer buddies on the off chance that you incline toward a voice collaborator in the first part of the day.


The Nest Mini has redesigned the sound structure and more up to date equipment at a similar cost, in addition to incorporated mounting alternatives. That makes this second era model a simple pick over the Home Mini. Truth be told, it’s feasible Google will eliminate the Home Mini altogether later on (it’s as of now hard to discover in numerous online stores). In the event that you have to pick between the two, the Nest Mini is the undeniable decision… yet we urge you to investigate the full scope of keen speakers available before settling on an ultimate choice.

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