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Man Charged In Killing Of Wife And Daughter Who Were Found In SUV

A husband and father, previously convicted of manslaughter and theft in unrelated cases, has been jailed on 16 different counts including multiple charges of murder and tampering in the horrific deaths of his wife and 13-year-old daughter.

Cecilia Tuuaga, 30, and Nevaeh Tuuaga, 13, had filed a restrictive order against Tylan Lee Kaulana Fely as recently as November 27th. They didn’t live to see the end of the weekend.

A Chevy Tahoe was found covered in flames in a deserted parking lot near Boniface and Boundary in East Anchorage. What officials found inside the vehicle, however, made the case more disturbing: The badly scorched bodies of a woman and teen were discovered in the front seats of the truck.

Family and friends of Cecilia and her daughter Nevaeh will tell you the bodies belong to the mother and teenager, despite court documents maintaining that authorities have not yet been able to positively identify either of them due to the extent of their injuries.

The incomplete vehicle badge number that law enforcement found on the charred truck showed the vehicle as belonging to Cecilia. The teen daughter referred to in the murder charging documents has the initials N.T. and was born in 2006, matching the information provided for Navaeh in the restraining order filing.

Cecilia and Nevaeh had both been considered missing since the evening of November 30th, and upon discovery of their bodies, detectives said they also found a bloody blanket in the trash surrounding the burnt-out truck. Parts of a handgun were found on the floor of the car. A partially-burned gas can was found in the rear cargo hold.

In the days, Cecilia requested court should take action against her husband, Tylan Lee-Kaulana Fely, on behalf of Navaeh, resulting in a 20-day guarding order meant to prevent Fely from contacting the teen and requiring him to stay at least 500 feet away from her and 250 feet away from her middle school.

Cecilia detailed, on Navaeh’s behalf, a recent event that had shocked both of them and led to the filing: Tylan Fely pointed a gun at the girl, saying “he didn’t need [her] in this world.” Navaeh had described to her mother, as detailed in the protective order, that Fely put the gun to her head and said she was “dead to him.”

Two days after the gruesome discovery of their bodies, Anchorage police announced – shortly after the scheduled start of his arraignment for the crime – that the 34-year-old Fely had been arrested in the homicide investigation. Fely had at least two prior convictions in Alaska, including a case of manslaughter, for which he was convicted in 2008, and a theft, for which he was convicted three years earlier.

Tylan Lee Kaulana Fely faces 16 different counts in the killings of his wife and daughter: Two counts of murder in the first degree, four counts of murder in the second degree, criminal mischief in the third degree, four counts of tampering with physical evidence; misconduct involving weapons in the third degree.

His next court date is scheduled for December 16.

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