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Man Who Assaulted A Woman And Tried Molesting Her, On Run

Crime is an epidemic that has caught every country, state, and the city under its rage. Molestation cases have increased at such a large level, that every now and then you will get to hear these cases taking place somewhere or the other.

A similar case is from Brooklyn, where a man who allegedly tried to molest a woman in on a run.

According to the information provided by the authorities, the man went after the woman in early. The 48-year-old woman walked towards the subway station near 20th Avenue and 65th Street on Thursday.

According to the information provided by the witnesses, the accused grabbed the woman by her neck and started dragging her between two cars where he decided to commit the crime.

He kept forcing himself on the woman but ran away soon after she started screaming for help during the quiet morning.

She kept struggling and fighting to save and protect herself and in these struggles, she suffered a few injuries on her neck as well as on her hand.

Although after the incident, she refused for any kind of medical examination or any kind of medical attention but was later looked after by the medics at a hospital.

The accused fled from the scene after a car drove close by. Witnesses have described him a boy who was in his early 20s and was supposedly wearing blue jeans with a blue jacket

Though the woman is safe, the situation is still unsafe for other helpless women as the attacker is on loose and he can possibly target other women in some other area to satisfy his wants.

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