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Man Who Pretended To Be A Doctor, Molested A Student In A Fake Exam

A Houston man will now have to face many years prison because according to the information received, he traveled to Vermont where he molested a college student while pretending to be a doctor.

Nam Vu Bui, 35, was sentenced in federal court last month on child abuse charges. The documents state that in 2016 he followed the victim who is a student of a college.

He told her that he was a doctor and had received a fellowship from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Police confirmed that Bui was not a doctor. Sources have informed us that the accused asked the students’ friends to participate in a cervical cancer study to which the victim agreed and during her exam, she found the accused in an explicit position and was recording her video.

Police have confiscated the phone with which the video was made and after investigation, explicit videos were found on his phone but the accused claimed to have saved these videos to fight for the cause of child abuse and according to him his possession was for a greater good.

Bui is currently in Vermont and will sentence to 10 years in prison but no date has been set for his sentencing.

No further details have been provided by the investigators and the prosecutors as to when he will be charged with the charges he is accused of and when he will be sent into the jail to serve his sentence.

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