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Mother And Baby Are Lucky To Escape As They Avoid Being Hit By The Car!

A mother walked her baby past a shopfront seconds before a van slammed into it.

CCTV footage showed the woman pushing a pram through Mooroolbark in Melbourne’s East on Tuesday morning when a white Volkswagen was smashed up onto the footpath.

The video appeared to show another white car abruptly being pushed into the parked van, causing it to crash into a massage parlor shopfront just five seconds after the mum had passed it by.

The mum and baby were unharmed but those few seconds made a world of difference.

Witnesses on the Manchester Rd shopping strip that they heard a loud bang and then two passengers in the car that crashed into the Volkswagen had allegedly fled on foot.

A 25-year-old homeless man was driving the crashed car and stayed at the scene to be arrested.

He was compliant with police inquiries, including blood and alcohol testing.

Victoria Police confirmed that the man is still waiting to be charged.

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