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Mother, Even After Throwing Her Baby At An Officer And Inflicting Injuries To Her, Walks Free

In a terrifying and nerve chilling case, a mother, two years ago, in a very indecent act threw her own baby at a police officer, inflicting her child with injuries that have changed his life.

But, after a ruling on this case recently, she will be walking free.

24-year-old Kirsty Bearfield was at Hull Royal Infirmary with her two children, their father, a social worker, and two police officers as there was a report of a “non-accidental” injury to the elder child.

Source: indiatimes.com

The injuries inflicted upon that child, although, were not very serious but the Social Services decided to remove the child from her mother’s care for the night considering she might cause him more injuries.

After listening to this news, the mother did not seem happy at all and out of frustration, she threw her baby at an officer with a look of anger on her face and luckily the officer was able to grab the child with his arms.

The officer was soon sent for treatment where according to an MRI scan, it revealed a trapped nerve in her lower spine which created a risk for her in which she could lose her arm. But surgery was carried out which went successful.

Source: indiatimes.com

However, she was still in left pain with a “frozen shoulder”, and another surgery was performed on her. Now the officer can not comb her hair, has to give up climbing, swimming, and from now onwards she even could not dress.

After hearing all the past and the present accusations against the mother, the judge sentenced Bearfield to 12 months in jail and has also suspended her for 18 months with 25 days of rehab.

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