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Netflix’s Another Life’ Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, And Latest Updates

It was revealed by the big dogs at Netflix last month on 30th of October that Another Life, which is a science fiction drama will come back for a season 2.

Another life returning on Netflix for a season 2!

The character of Niko is performed by Katee Sackhoff and she is also a producer. It is said by her that the story could run for three seasons at the least.

Katee told to Collider that they had the outline of what the show was going to be but she was in the writers’ room and she got an opportunity to really put what she thinks is her fingerprint on the show. Katee added that this was something she was really looking forward to doing.

Sackhoff continued that they know where the show potentially will go for the first three seasons and as an actor, this whole experience was new to her because to be really a part of those conversations and to have an opinion was really cool to her.

As suggested by the producer of the show, Another Life may have more than 3 seasons!

Adding, she said that this character is absolutely loved by her and she loves the cast and the crew too and wants to do everything in the power vested in her to see the show coming back for many years.

Reviews given to season 1 were not as good as were expected albeit it is sure that the streaming giant has committed to the next season. This will not only act as a fire extinguisher to the fire caused by last season’s cliffhanger but will also provide everyone involved with a chance to take on board the critiques and deliver a new and improved show for the upcoming season.

It is reported that production is going to begin in Vancouver next year in 2020 and it is not wrong to assume that the shooting schedule will take roughly around 3 to 4 months minimum. On top of the filming process, there is always extensive special effects needed in order to create the aesthetics of the show.

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