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Scientist Alerts About A Apocalyptic Asteroid That Could Eliminate Humanity

A Catastrophic asteroid sufficient big enough to eliminate humanity is only a matter of time, according to one scientist.

Humanity has a next-to-no defense against such an influence, Professor Alan Fitzsimmons told, which threatens to finish life on Earth.

The astrophysicist predicted that the planet is at risk of a deadly disaster if protective actions aren’t taken

“We will get a serious asteroid impact sometime,” replied Professor Fitzsimmons, of Queen’s University in Belfast. “We will require to do something regarding it. We’ll need to move that asteroid so it misses us and doesn’t hit us.”

Astronomers are currently tracing nearly 2,000 asteroids, comets and other objects that endanger the Earth, and new ones are discovered every day.

Earth hasn’t witnessed an asteroid of apocalyptic scale since the space rock that eliminate the dinosaurs 66million years ago.

However, tinier objects still capable of flattening an entire city crash into Earth every so often.

One a few hundred meters across that devastated 800 square miles of forest neat Tunguska in Siberia on June 30, 1908.

Professor Fitzsimmons declared amateur astronomers to help space agencies like Nasa track potentially deadly asteroids.

He told a future mission was created to help stop space rocks hitting Earth, but that it needed help deciding which ones to observe.

Launching in 2024, the probe will regulate the movement of a smaller asteroid moon knocked out of its orbit by an earlier spacecraft.

The astronomer can help the mission by recognizing and announcing as many asteroids as possible in the Kuiper belt, a mysterious region beyond Neptune.

Specialists believe the mission, run by both Nasa and the European Space Agency, will pave the way for a full-blown asteroid deflection system.

Some scientists think such a technique won’t work and would prefer firing a nuclear bomb at space rocks bearing down on our planet.

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