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Six People Arrested For Trading A New Born Girl Child $420, Details Inside

Babies are a bundle of joy and bring happiness and prosperity in the families where they come after spending 9 precious months in their mother’s womb.

This statement will definitely sound impressive to most of us, but it also a known fact that many people are not treating children in a way they should be treated. Some of them consider children as a commodity which can be traded for a sum of money.

The same is the case from India where a case of child trafficking took place involving a newborn baby girl who was almost aborted.

This week, the Indian news outlet Deccan Herald reported a case of child trafficking involving a newborn baby girl who was almost aborted.

As per the information received, the girl’s mother, “Asha,” supposedly upset her family after they found that she had an affair with a family friend and became pregnant.

As a result, Asha’s mother planned to trade her daughter’s newborn child for a sum of around $420(30,000 Rs). She planned this heinous crime with 5 other family members who have now been detained by the authorities.

According to the information, the baby’s father has not been charged in the case but it has been reported that he tried to influence Asha to abort their baby.

She bought over-the-counter abortion pills, but remarkably nothing happened to the fetus,” said a spokesperson.

The child was a born survivor.” She added.

Asha gave birth to a daughter in November but sooner she reported to the police that someone at the Cambridge Layout hospital informed that her baby had died.

Authorities later found the baby girl and returned her to her mother’s care.

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