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Six-Year-Old Innocent Molested And Later Killed With Her School Belt

The horrifying and shocking case is from Jaipur, India where a six-year-old innocent girl was allegedly molested and strangled to death with her own school belt on Sunday.

According to the information received from the authorities, the girl’s body was recovered from bushes in a remote area near her village Khetadi with many bottles of liquor, snacks, and bloodstains found on the scene.

According to concerned authorities, there was a sports tournament at the girl’s school on Saturday and she went missing after it ended.

Her family began searching for her in the nearby places when she did not reach home by 3 p.m. but soon after the search ended after they found her blood-stained body near the village.

A huge crown from the neighboring areas gathered at a spot and protested against horrendous crime, while police and forensic teams that arrived on the scene were busy collecting evidence.

Due to the unavailability of required facilities, the body of the victim was taken to some other village for a post-mortem and only after the investigation is completed and the report is released, it will be possible to identify the offenders who committed such a heinous crime with such a small innocent girl.

Superintendent of Police said that it is a molestation and murder case. “We are investigating the case thoroughly to trace the accused. We have created special units,” he added.

At this time, we can only hope that the girl will be given justice when the accused will be punished.

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