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18-Year-Old Stabbed 25 Times To Death

18-year-old Gomolemo Legae who was brutally murdered by a 19-year-old man.

18-year-old Gomolemo Legae was stabbed more than 25 times, but this was not enough for her attacker, who allegedly returned to soak her with petrol.

Her grieving aunt, Gadifele Mashetla, told that her niece’s killer was “determined to take her life”.

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Source: City Press- News 24

“We’re told by pathologists that she was stabbed more than 25 times in the chest and back but Gomolemo fought on, refusing to die. He then went and bought petrol which he used to give her final blow.”

She said her niece “could have been saved” had the ambulance responded earlier.

The incident happened in Ramosadi village, Mahikeng in the North West in the early hours of Sunday.

Police said Legae was possibly molested before she was stabbed and a charge to that effect could be added to the murder charge.

Mashetla said that after the attack, her niece was found by a passerby, a man from the neighborhood.

He left her in the care of another man, in order to direct the ambulance to her location. But before the ambulance could arrive, the assaulter returned and put his intentions to end.

“She told [the passerby] who had stabbed her, and was still fighting death. The man called police and ambulance and after some time when they did not arrive, he asked another man to stand there with Gomolemo so he can go to the main road and wait to direct the ambulance from there,” Mashetla said.

Mashetla said the alleged killer was known to the family and was from their neighborhood.

“The boy’s family came to see us today, asked for our forgiveness and told us that they are the ones who went and searched for their son before handing him over to the police,” she said.

Legae’s aunt, Mashetla, said she will be buried tomorrow in Mahikeng.

Meanwhile, the North West government has committed to easing the family’s pain by helping with the funeral.

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