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A Woman Goes On A Rampage After She Discovers That Her Gf Is Cheating With Her Mother

An Anonymous lesbian in Australia got the trauma of her life when she discovered out her longtime girlfriend was cheating – with her own mother. But what happened afterward landed the woman in prison.

The couple separated after the affair was exposed, but when mom moved in with her daughter’s ex-girlfriend and their kids, the woman lost it. She came to her former flame’s house and used a baseball bat to smash in a window and destroy a car.

The woman found the affair after noticing a hickey on her mother’s neck and moved out of their house.

The couple’s children stayed to live with her ex-girlfriend, but mom’s presence at the house-made things awkward, the woman’s lawyer said to the court. The magistrate accepted that the circumstances were unbelievable, but prosecutors pointed out the woman’s history of violent criminal altercations.

The judge sentenced her to anger management classes and let her go clear.

But within weeks, the woman was back in court after attacking her ex-girlfriend with a purse at her children’s school and frightening the children.

She declared guilty to “disturbing the good order of a state educational institution and breaching a domestic violence order” according to the sources. She was sentenced to 100 hours of community service.

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