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Bouncer Told Student, 19, She Was Too Fat And Ugly To Get Physically Abused, Sacked

A bouncer has been dismissed after he said a student she was “too fat and ugly” to bother about getting abused.

Char Bow, 19-year-old, had been prohibited from re-entering the Manchester club and was concerned about going home without her friends when she was told, “Nobody in their appropriate mind would violate a fat girl” similar her.

The episode took position at the 42nd Street Nightclub in the initial hours of Sunday morning.

The club has since regretted “wholeheartedly” to Char and fired the bouncer after the offensive remarks.

Char’s post about her difficulty sparked a series of accusations from other patrons, including one woman who asserted that bouncers “laughed” as she was physically assaulted.

Char, a business student, posted, “Hello all in Manchester, later in 42nd Street Nightclub I was said I was ‘too fat and ugly’ to bother about being dropped to get a taxi on my own.

“4 male bouncers prohibit me from moving back inside when everyone else was admitted back in.

“I requested one of the bouncers to help me back within so I could discover my friends.

“All four male bouncers smirked at me stating I’d be ‘fine in a taxi’ and that ‘nobody in their appropriate mind would violate a fat girl like me’.

“I am completely displeased with the way I was managed tonight and urge everyone to boycott 42s!

The club then posted their own report on their Facebook page, stating, “We are conscious of a disturbance that occurred this weekend.

“Having reviewed it, we have discovered that the behavior of a member of the team fell well below the measure we anticipate and this person has been fired.

“We regret wholeheartedly to anybody that has been negatively afflicted by this person’s behavior.

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