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Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra: Deleted Scene Reveals Alternative Epilogue

Filmmaker James Gray and star Brad Pitt narrated the story of a man who learns to connect and communicate with people only when he reaches the far ends of the solar system in the movie Ad Astra.

The epilogue of Ad Astra could be different as depicted from the deleted scenes!

Pitt enacts the role of Roy McBride, an astronaut who is divorced from his wife Eve (played by Liv Tyler). At the beginning of the film, he has to fake his way through social interactions. But when he was in space, it felt like home to him and only then he ultimately discovers the value of relationships.

The story goes back to thirty years when Clifford McBride led a voyage into deep space but unfortunately, no one heard from the ship again. But now his son who is a fearless astronaut will embark on a daring mission to the planet Neptune in order to uncover the truth about his missing father and a powerful surge that is quite mysterious and threatens the stability of the universe.

Liv Tyler performed a short but remarkable role in the movie!

When the film was about to end, Roy reconciled with his wife. It was noted by the character critics that Eve did not have much to do in the film but she still left a mark. The Hollywood Reporter’s review noted that Liv Tyler has little chance to make an impression but she always manages to do so no matter what. They added that this also happened because there was a part of Gray that has a knack for conveying backstory with a deployed shorthand of expressionistic flashback which is recorded so well with images.

The couple has their daughter running to them in the deleted scene!

Ad Astra’s digital release now has disclosed an otherwise deleted scene that is available and portrays a bit more story from Eve’s life. This scene shows Roy and Eve in bed when an alarm goes off and the couple wakes up. There was a note that said Eve is leaving for the moon on that day and in the next moment, the two of them are greeted by their daughter.

The movie, Ad Astra, is currently available on digital now and will be on 4K UHD, Blue Ray, and DVD on 17th of December.

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